F-Series U.S sales numbers: July 2018

Ford F-Series July sales up over 2% compared to last year

Ford has released their July 2018 sales numbers which marks the 15th consecutive month of year over year sales increases for the F-Series pickups.

July % Year to date %
Brand Sales 2018 2017 Change 2018 2017 Change
Ford F-series 70949 69467 2.10% 522087 499327 4.60%
Ram Pickups 40276 39708 1.00% 273815 290151 -6.00%
Toyota Tundra 9478 10546 -10.10% 65270 64198 1.70%
Nissan Titan 3977 3791 4.90% 27271 28255 -3.50%

Ford sold 70,949 F-Series pickups in the U.S last month, up 2.1% from July 2017. Year to date sales are at 522,087 up 4.6% from the same time last year. With new competition from Ram, and new GM twins on the way Ford is holding strong in sales. GM is now reporting their sales results quarterly so we can’t directly compare numbers with GM until October 1st when they release their third quarter sales results so we left them off the list for now.

Ford F-series sales
July 2018 sales graph (NextF150)
Ford F-series sales
July 2018 sales graph (NextF150)

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