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Spied: F150 Electric Shows Off Interesting Features (Photos and Video)

Independent rear suspension caught for the first time

Thanks to our friends at Spiedbilde photography we have our first look at the upcoming F150 Electric in photos and video. Oddly enough Ford chose to cover this truck in vinyl camouflage, even though this prototype is still using the current body. It is likely that without the vinyl wrap that it would have likely flown under the radar but with the camo, this truck is drawing attention to itself.

In the video aside from the sound of birds chirping all you hear is silence and the whine of an electric motor as this F-150 prototype crosses the street. These photos from different angles give us some more clues as to the upcoming electric F150. The cab seems to sit up higher on the frame with what looks like a large battery box underneath the cab to store all the batteries. According to the spy photographer, the charge port for the truck is in the front bumper although that could be temporary. No powertrain information regarding the electric F150 has been leaked as of yet.

Electric F150
F150 Electric (Spiedbilde Photography)

Around back is some more big news. This truck is clearly using an independent rear suspension (IRS) which we hear might only be used on select trim levels while others will get the standard solid axle as currently used. IRS can help with ride and handling characteristics but traditionally isn’t as robust as a solid axle for situations such as towing. Ford does have experience with using an IRS in such a large vehicle as they currently use an independent rear in the Ford Expedition which is rated to tow 9,300lbs when properly equipped. We are told that tailpipe is there to throw people off, but there is also the possibility that it is a hybrid as well which is something that Ford has talked about in the past.

Electric F150
F150 Electric (Spiedbilde Photography)

Another possibility is that this prototype truck could be riding on a next-generation frame while using the current body for testing. Ford has been very tight-lipped about their upcoming product as of late, but we will keep the updates coming as they become available. Make sure to check out our Forum section to talk with other F-150 fans and speculate on what is coming down the road.

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